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Start-ups and the freelance economy are causing a shift in demand for office space

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Scott_HomaFrom Scott Homa
Senior Vice President, Mid-Atlantic Research Director

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The rise of start-ups and the freelance economy has driven a profound shift in demand for office space, with creative coworking establishments such as WeWork and MakeOffices (formerly UberOffices) and incubators such as 1776 and Eastern Foundry growing at a rate of 195.9 percent annually over… Read More

Investing in the downtown core

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Amy Bowser and Dan Dooley discuss DC’s traditional CBD and the expanding core market. Where the traditional CBD originally emerged as the most desirable location due to the metro system being heavily anchored there, the core market has slowly expanded north, connecting residential and office.

This expansion of the core market will continue with the Midtown Center project lead by Carr Properties, bringing 50,000 s.f. of retail along with residential, transportation accessibility and other amenities… Read More

It’s not a battle, it’s a war

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Baltimore StationDo you know that 40% percent of homeless men are veterans? In fact, 200,000 homeless veterans sleep on the streets every night. Seventy-six percent of homeless veterans experience alcohol, drug and mental health problems. These men, who have courageously served our country in combat, suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), often turning… Read More

Not your father’s office

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Mashore, Derrick_New for BlogFrom Derrick Banks Mashore
Managing Director, Tenant Rep

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On a recent cold, gray, and wet Tuesday, a friend visited the Washington, DC office of the Sidley Austin law firm, and sent me several photos. The former library, now The Lodge, is not your father’s law office.

The Lodge isn’t just popular, it’s packed! The attorneys gathered… Read More