JLL participates in GSA Reverse Industry Day

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Joe Brennan, Managing Director on our Government Investor Services (GIS) team, was tapped to host a GSA Reverse Industry Day (RID) this year which took place on April 10th. The event gave the GSA and the private sector the opportunity to discuss ways to strengthen collaboration, communication, transparency and efficiencies.

The private sector seeks to provide the GSA with the right tools to help them optimize the real estate decision-making process. RID events such as this help bridge the communication gap between the public and private sectors, as each operates very differently. These events provide a forum to highlight issues, provide context around the needs of both sectors, and offer an opportunity to devise solutions on how these different parties can best work together.  Two main topics covered at this full-day seminar included leasing and the proposal process.

The event, held at GSA headquarters, was well attended with over 500 virtual attendees, as well as members from other government agencies including DOD, DHS and IRS. This event, a first of its kind with a specific focus on leasing, is a critical step in improving relations between the private sector and GSA. “The GSA is the largest occupier of space in the U.S. with more than 8,000 leases and a leasing budget of over $5B,” said Brennan. “We are here to help them to be more efficient and make better real estate decisions so we applaud the GSA for holding an event like this and facilitating the dialogue that will help us all to accomplish more.”

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Panel discussion

Panel session, (left to right) Joe Brennan, Moderator, Leroy Battle, Urban Development Ventures, Joseph Delogu, FD Stonwater, and John Simeon Network Realty Partners.

Joe Brennan and Dan Mathews, Commissioner, Public Buildings Service, GSA

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