Workplace ambitions: finding the best site for your workforce

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How do you know what your ideal workplace looks like? Ask your workforce.

For the JLL DC team, our office relocation presented a unique opportunity, one that gave us the chance to really get to know ourselves. Even though we are a team of real estate experts and help companies find their ideal locations, we don’t often have the chance to take a step back and evaluate our own needs.

How did we come to understand what we needed from our next location? By engaging our entire workforce throughout the process. By conducting interviews and focus groups. By letting our teams have a say in all of the decisions.  And by making it fun. From voting opportunities to food tastings and desk “test runs,” our employees got to experience our new office in many ways before we even moved. This engagement not only generated excitement around our move, but generated a sense of ownership and pride.

The following videos explain how you can make your workforce part of the move process and why it’s so important to let the experts help you find your ideal space. Visit and learn from our real estate experts how to make this process yours.

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