Workplace ambitions: workplace flow

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When we designed our new Mid-Atlantic headquarters in Washington, DC, we wanted to design an office that worked for us: a design that encouraged teams to work together and allowed individuals to do their best work. We learned from our workplace study that we wanted our new office to encourage “collision and collaboration.” How did we achieve this? By focusing on internal synergies and striking a balance between individual and private space. You can learn more about our design strategy and office layout here:Workplace flow video

But what about acoustics? As we adapted a more open floor plan, it was imperative to get the office acoustics right. By partnering with Cerami & Associates and engaging the team throughout the entire build-out (and not just during the planning and design phases), we were able to identify issues early and adapt plans in order to guarantee complete acoustical privacy where we needed it. Read our white paper on acoustics to understand why this was so important to us:  Sound strategy video

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